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Developed by 26 young learners, aged 10–13, the Taonga Trails app was created to enhance your experience on the Kelvin Peninsula Loop Trail, whilst promoting the trail and encouraging people to support for Queenstown Trails Trust. 


All the content in the app was curated by the Liger Leadership Academy Discovery Club students, from the imagery to the interviews and even the nature sound recordings. 

To experience the Kelvin Heights Loop Trail in a new light, simply download the app, choose one of the four tours, pop in your headphones and head off down the track to discover the artistic, historic, and natural treasures of the trail. When you reach each point of interest your “tour guide” will automatically start speaking to you.

Liger student photography

Student Savannah N practices her photography skills.


Liger student interviews

Students Hugo B, Roques S, Moby M and Bram H interview Jo Smith from the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust.


The four tours for you to discover are:

Tour Name An Artistic Touch  Kelvin Nature Loop Wakatipu Conservation Tour Portal Into the Unknown
Tour Theme Sculptures and their creators Nature of the trail Local wildlife and conservation Local history with a twist of fantasy
Number of Stops 6 5 7 7
Target Audience All ages All ages All ages Children and children at heart


You can download the Taonga Trails app for free on the App Store or from Google Play

If you would like to donate to the Queenstown Trails Trust please check out the Support tab in the app or on our website here.




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